COVID Updates: We are limiting the number of people entering the hospital. All visitors must be escorted into the building by a staff member. Please text us upon arrival. Our exam rooms are limited to 2 pet owners at a time and we are utilizing curbside care for many services. We ask for your patience as we strive to keep you, your pets and our staff safe and healthy.



Grooming services are available Monday through Friday only.

Our bathing services include:

  • All natural, Veterinary approved shampoos and conditioners.
  • State of the Art Hydrosurge Bathing Unit provides deep cleaning and conditioning of coats, while providing a pleasant massage for your pet.
  • Anal gland expression.
  • Nail trim.
  • Ear Cleaning and gentle plucking.
  • 15 minutes of brushing.
  • Haircuts include all bathing services and style of your choice.
  • Medicated bathing offered, as prescribed by your veterinarian.

Puppy Grooming: A clean and healthy coat is essential to your puppy’s comfort. Introducing your puppy to good grooming habits when young will help them accept care in their adult years. Special pricing applies for puppies 6 months and under.

Other Services:

  • Nail Trims.
  • Sanitary Clips.
  • Brushing Only.

Grooming Requirements

For each pet’s protection, including your own, we have the following requirements for pets grooming with us:

  • A clear “bill of health” from a previous health exam, performed within the last 12 months.
  • Your pet must be current on vaccines: please see our vaccine requirements for additional information
    • For Dogs: DHL-P (Distemper/Parvo), Bordetella, Rabies, Canine Influenza Virus (CIV)

Pets showing any of the following may not groom:

  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Lethargy
  • Any communicable diseases: ringworm, viral or parasitic infection.

Meet the groomer at Parkway Veterinary Hospital!

Pet Groomers