How to Provide a Balanced Diet


Keeping Pets Healthy

A healthful, balanced diet is as important to pets as it is to people, but with hundreds of different food brands to choose from, how do you decide what — and how much — to feed your pet. Your veterinarian will explain your pet’s nutritional needs based on age, breed, medical condition, and activity level.

We have found these websites useful…

The AAFCO determines appropriate levels of proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals in growth and maintenance cat and dog foods and it helps set the standards for the pet food industry.

American College of Veterinary Nutrition provides resources for diet formulation and analysis.

FDA Pet Food Site has information on food safety issues, recalls, pet food labels, selecting nutrition foods and handling raw foods.

NRC- National Research Council offers nutrient requirements for dogs and cats.

NIH Office of Dietary Supplements evaluates supplements.

Pet Food Institute offers information on ingredient definitions and labeling regulations.

Veterinary Nutrition Consultants / offers information on diets, homemade diets, nutrition, supplements and more, the site is overseen by a board certified veterinary nutritionist.

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