COVID Updates: We are limiting the number of people entering the hospital. All visitors must be escorted into the building by a staff member. Please text us upon arrival. Our exam rooms are limited to 2 pet owners at a time and we are utilizing curbside care for many services. We ask for your patience as we strive to keep you, your pets and our staff safe and healthy.

Dr. Deena Relucio



Associate Veterinarian

With The Parkway Veterinary Hospital since 2017

Deena grew up in the Portland area for most of her life. She’s always had an affinity for animals growing up which facilitated her path towards veterinary medicine. Deena was a veterinary technician for several years before moving to the Caribbean for veterinary school. Following graduation, she completed an internship in emergency and cricital care at Dove Lewis emergency animal hospital. She was staff veterinarian as an ER/ICU doctor until her transition to Animal Care group in 2017. Deena also has a passion for exotic medicine and enjoys caring for your family pocket pet and reptile. She enjoys building relationships with her clients and caring for her pet patients through all their life stages.


Bachelor of Science in Psychology, University of Oregon
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, St. George’s University


Deena shares her home with two golden retrievers, two maine coons, and one chameleon lizard. She enjoys gardening, playing the piano, large family gatherings to bake and cook, and hiking with her dogs.