COVID Updates: We are limiting the number of people entering the hospital. All visitors must be escorted into the building by a staff member. Please text us upon arrival. Our exam rooms are limited to 2 pet owners at a time and we are utilizing curbside care for many services. We ask for your patience as we strive to keep you, your pets and our staff safe and healthy.


Jill D.A (Doctor’s Assistant) - Parkway Vet Hospital

D.A (Doctor’s Assistant)

With The Parkway Veterinary Hospital since 2001

My contribution to The Parkway Veterinary Hospital is to assist our doctors and technicians with everything from preparing patients for exams, filling prescription medications and supplies, preparing lab samples, client education and resources, and phlebotomy. I love interacting with different patients throughout the day, especially guinea pigs–everyday is a chance to learn something new.

Education/Training: I began as a receptionist for a small 1 doctor practice and working at Parkway for the past 12 years as well as continuing education classes.

Hobbies/pets/family: I love to make things with my hands–collage and found object/recycled art , photography, stationary and paper goods I have a passion for being in the wilderness and try to get out into the forests and mountains of Oregon and Washington as often as possible. I coexist peacefully with 3 cats – Rio, Bella & Bear along with my husband Ken.