Brooke Technician Assistant - Parkway Vet Hospital

Technician Assistant

With The Parkway Veterinary Hospital since 2009

My contribution to The Parkway Veterinary Hospital is to help the technicians and doctors during surgery preparations and medical treatments. I help to ensure that patients are comfortable and well monitored during their stay with us. I help with treatments the patient needs such as radiographs, ear cleanings, and blood draws to name a few. My goal is to make sure that all pets have a calm and low stress visit that makes the vet a pleasant experience.

Education/Training: General and Emergency work, 7yrs. Continuing Education.

Hobbies/pets/family: I like to take advantage of the beauty that the NW offers by hiking area trails, going to the beach and camping. I also enjoy dancing and reading. I share my home with 2 small dogs that love to join me on outdoor adventures and 2 cats that think they are in charge.

My favorite thing about Parkway Vet is that everyone works so well together as a team and provides such loving care to all of our patients.