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Monthly Archives - July, 2013

A human who is great with animals


Parkway Veterinary Hospital is perfect place for Lisa Moffenbeier to practice

Once she was a little girl who tagged along with veterinarians at Lake Oswego’s Parkway Veterinary Hospital, watching with wide-eyed wonder as they helped animals.

Now, Lisa Moffenbeier is all grown up and tall enough that Parkway founder Dr. Gregg Takashima jokes that she should bend her knees when they pose for photos together.

Moffenbeier has grown up in a lot of other ways, too. In fact, the curious little girl is now the newest staff member at Parkway, a young veterinarian whose potential is rated highly by Takashima.

As she puts it, “I get to come here every week and play with animals.”

But what makes Moffenbeier special is her ability to relate to people who love animals.

“To just love animals is not enough to be a veterinarian,” Takashima said. “You’ve also got to love people. You’ve got to communicate with them in order to take care of the pet.”

Indirectly, veterinarians help people as much as they do animals.